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I don’t think you understood how much I loved you, and how much of myself I gave to you. I don’t think you will ever be able to perceive how effortlessly you threw me away.

In order for me to recover from you, I had to reinvent myself. The love I have to give now is much more valuable than what I gave to you. This new found love I have for myself you have no right to flourish in, but only witness from afar.

As you view from afar, I hope you remember your actions or lack thereof, that ripped our budding family apart. I hope you recall all of the painful things I told you I was feeling, and finally place yourself in my shoes.

Lastly, from afar, I hope you see how happy I am without you and how miserable you are without me, and realize that you have no one to blame but yourself.

Praying for your recovery 🙏🏾

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